Meet Our Team​

Mike Fischer

Mike Fischer is a highly respected lobbyist and governmental relations specialist with a proven track record of success in Florida. With over fifteen years of experience, he has effectively advocated for clients in various industries, including appropriations, healthcare, gaming, transportation, higher education, and tourism.

Before establishing himself as a lobbyist, Mike worked as an analyst in the Office of Cabinet Affairs under Florida Governor Jeb Bush. In this role, he developed a deep understanding of state agencies and their operations, enabling him to effectively navigate government processes and advocate for his clients. After serving in Governor Bush’s administration, Mike went to work for the American Cancer Society, whom he still represents. He was also a founding board member establishing the Florida Tech Council, an organization that promotes and supports the technology sector in Florida.

In addition to his lobbying work, Mike also serves as a political consultant for campaigns at the Congressional, Florida House and Senate levels. He offers strategic guidance and expertise on campaign strategy, message development, and public relations to help elected officials succeed in their campaigns.

Mike's strong relationships with leaders from both political parties in the Florida House and Senate make him a well-known advocate in the legislature. He has a comprehensive understanding of policy issues and is able to craft effective positions and advocate for his clients' interests.

With a master’s degree in political science from Florida State University, Mike brings a strong academic background to his work. His extensive knowledge of political science and the legislative process ensures that he can maneuver the complexities of the capital landscape with ease.

Based in Tallahassee, Mike Fischer brings a wealth of experience, expertise, and a strong network to his work. He is committed to delivering successful outcomes for his clients and making a positive impact in the political arena.