Meet Our Team​

Michael J. Fischer

Michael J. Fischer, a governmental relations specialist that has over ten years experience lobbying the legislative and executive branch of Florida government on a wide variety of issues. A leader in policy analysis, position development, and strategic advocacy, Mr. Fischer has represented principals in many diverse fields including health care, gaming, transportation, higher education and tourism. Prior to being a lobbyist, Mr. Fischer also served in the administration of Florida Governor Jeb Bush as an analyst in the Office of Cabinet Affairs. While working for Governor Bush, Mike was the cabinet liaison to state agencies including the Department of Environmental Protection, the Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.After serving in Governor Bush’s administration, Mike went to work for the American Cancer Society. Whom almost a decade later, he still represents. Mike was also one of the founding members of the Florida Tech Council. The council is on the cutting edge of technology and is made up of a wide range of members from small tech companies to publicly traded companies. Mike also works as a political consultant for Congressional, and Florida House and Senate campaigns in Florida. He continues to serve as an advisor to these elected members, and guides them on a variety of political aspects such as campaign strategy, message development, public relations and redistricting issues. Enjoying key relationships with both current and future leadership of both parties in the Florida House and Senate, Mike is positioned as a major advocate in the legislature on behalf of The Legis Group’s clients.Mr. Fischer has a Masters degree in Political Science from Florida State University. He resides in the Tallahassee area.